Protestant Pastor, Writer, Poet and Composer from Halle on the Saale


rmin Stein Archive Halle

Frank Motzki from Halle/Germany has possibly the largest collection of Armin Stein's works. They are showed in a small room of hour of commemoration.

The collection contains books, photos, notes and articles from journals and newspapers.

Armin Stein wrote very seldom dedications in his books.
3 books of this collection have a personal dedication.

Armin Stein Archive

New in archive:

Pastel painting of Heike Lichtenberg, 2009

Pastel painting Hermann Otto Nietschmann

A little (video-)round tour through the Armin Stein Archive in Halle

A round tour through the A. Stein Archive

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- Morgenfeier (Morning celebration),
- In stiller Abendstunde (In a calm evening hour),
- Herzensstille (heart's calm und
- Im Schatten der Nacht (In the shade of night).



Armin Stein's "August Hermann Francke" as facsimile print

350th Birthday of August Hermann Francke

At the 350th birthday of August Hermann Francke, the Projekte Verlag Halle has re-released Armin Stein's book as facsimile.


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Francke Foundationes Halle/Saale


Francke Foundationes Halle/Saale