Protestant Pastor, Writer, Poet and Composer from Halle on the Saale


rmin Stein as Writer

Besides his work as a pastor, he created a variety of literary works. The most of them he published unter the pseudonym Armin Stein ,underneath almost with his full name Hermann O.Nietschmann.

His literary work can be divided into two main areas:

The first one was the populare narrative.

He called them "Simple Stories"
- totally 9 volumes.

The second part was the historic narrative or

"Deutsche Geschichts-und Lebensbilder" (German History and Life),
- totally 33 volumes.

Since 1879, his works were mainly published in the bookshop of the orphanage in Halle/Saale. This bookshop exists still now in Halle.
To the warmhearted stories belong collections such as
  • "Freudvoll und leidvoll" (Joyful and woebegone),
  • "Am stillen Herd" (At the quiet hearth),
  • "Aus Krieg und Frieden",(War and piece)
  • "In der Dämmerstunde" (In the twilight)
Among the 33 volumes of German history and life is to highlight the book - published 1901 - :
"Die Stadt Halle a.d.Saale.
In Bildern aus ihrer geschichtlichen Vergangenheit dargestellt"
(The city of Halle in pictures of its historic past)
Anymore books such as
  • "Der Salzgraf von Halle" (Salt count of Halle),
  • "Kardinal Albrecht",
  • "Der Kirchenfürst und sein Günstling" (The church dignitary and his favorite),
  • "Georg Friedrich Händel",
  • "August Hermann Francke",
  • "Otto der Große" (Otto the Great),
  • "Gutenberg",
  • "Martin Luther",
  • "Katharina von Bora",
  • "Das Buch vom Magister Melanchthon",
  • "Der große Kurfürst" the great Elector),
  • "Friedrich des Großen Jugendleben"(The youth of Frederick the Great),
  • "Königin Luise" (Queen Luise),
  • "Aus dem Reich der Töne"(Bach,Haydn,Mozart,Beethoven) (From the realm of music)
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An important autobiographical work is the bookh

"Arnold Strahl - Ein Schülerleben (A Life of a Pupil)".
Here, Armin Stein describes his own school time in the Latina (Francke Foundations in Halle/Sa.)

Here, he gives interesting insights into the boarding school life in the time between 1853 and 1859.

There is hardly a famous person in the German culture history who is not described by Armin Stein.

Stein's books were very succesful in his time. They were printed in England, Holland, Scandinavia and even in the USA. His most succesful work was "Königin Luise" with 6 editions.

In the main building of theFrancke Foundations in Halle/Saale is in a show case displayed Stein's book "August Hermann Francke-Zeit u.-Lebensbild aus der Periode des deutschen Pietismus" (August Hermann Francke - time and life from the period of the German pietism)

This book was published in several editions by the bookshop of the Foundations in Halle at that time.

Armin Stein belongs to the famous Latina students next to Carl Löwe, Robert Franz and Count Friedrich von Struensee.



Armin Stein's "August Hermann Francke" as facsimile print

350th Birthday of August Hermann Francke

At the 350th birthday of August Hermann Francke, the Projekte Verlag Halle has re-released Armin Stein's book as facsimile.


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