Protestant Pastor, Writer, Poet and Composer from Halle on the Saale


rmin Stein as Composer

Armin Stein was not only a talented writer. He had got also a second creative aspect - the music.

He had composed symphonies and a requiem.

The requiem was performed even in Berlin at that time.

Musik von Armin Stein

Besides, he wrote piano pieces and some songs.

Some compositions are et al.

  • a festive march,
  • an Emperor march
  • and improvisations for great orchestra "Der Jäger von Kurpfalz"



Armin Stein's "August Hermann Francke" as facsimile print

350th Birthday of August Hermann Francke

At the 350th birthday of August Hermann Francke, the Projekte Verlag Halle has re-released Armin Stein's book as facsimile.


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Francke Foundationes Halle/Saale