Protestant Pastor, Writer, Poet and Composer from Halle on the Saale


rmin Stein and Halle(Saale)

Throughout his life, Armin Stein alias Hermann Otto Nietschmann was closely associated with the city of Halle.

His love for Halle is clearly expressed in his Halle book

In the Stein's memoirs is to read,that he proposed the former director of the Francke Foundations Otto Frick (mandate 1880-1892) to plant lime trees in the inner courtyard of the foundations. Still now the linden trees give shade in the nice courtyard.

The Linden Court in the Francke Foundations in Halle - Click to enlarge -
Linden Court with view to A.H.Francke-Monument - Click to enlarge -

Every 2 years since 1992, the Linden Blossom Festival is celebrated in the Francke Foundations. You can say Armin Stein was the initiator of the planting of the lime trees and also - figuratively - the initiator of the festival.

Armin Stein was buried after his death (27.11.1929) on 11/30/1929 on Halle's Nordfriedhof (north cemetery) on his mother's side.

The funeral eulogy was hold by Theodor Haase. He was a minister and married to the Stein's eldest daughter Frieda Nietschmann. His father was Dr.Carl Hermann Haase, publisher of the parish almanac of the church province Saxonania and the "Evangelical Lore of Songs"

Hermann Otto Nietschmann's (Armin Stein's) grave was restored in 2006 wurde im Jahre 2006, the year of the anniversary of the city (1200 years Halle / Sa.) by the "Association of culture of cemetries" and newly blessed in a short ceremony.

Occasion of his hundredth birthday a commemorative plaque was placed on 1/11/1940 at the rectory St. Maurice (Moritz). The text on the plaque is:

"Here lived from 1867-1907 Pastor Hermann Nietschmann, the well-known under the name Armin Stein local poet, 1840-1929."
Plaque at the church St Maurice in HalleClick to enlarge



Armin Stein's "August Hermann Francke" as facsimile print

350th Birthday of August Hermann Francke

At the 350th birthday of August Hermann Francke, the Projekte Verlag Halle has re-released Armin Stein's book as facsimile.


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